Set up instructions

  1. Open box packaging and carefully remove the cooler.
  2. Remove the plastic wrap.
  3. Remove the inner tank.
  4. Remove the splash tray, replacement filter, lid and spare drain plug that will be foundin the outer tank.
  5. Store the spare drain plug in a safe place .
  6. Clean the inner tank, outer tank and tray with a damp soft dish cloth and rinse (notethat mild dishwashing detergent can be used).
  7. Remove the filter from the plastic wrap packaging.
  8. Ensure that the rubber band around the filter is securely fitted.
  9. Rinse the filter by shaking gently under a running tap for about 30 seconds.
  10. Insert the filter into the inner tank. Gently push down making sure that it is securely fitted around the circumference.
  11. Replace the inner tank into its position inside the outer tank.
  12. Place the cooler in the position you would like to keep it with access to a plug point.
  13. Pour tap water into the inner tank. The water will filter through into the outer tank. Youwill notice two different water levels as the level in the outer tank equalizes with the inner tank. Keep pouring more water into the top until both tanks are fill or you reach your desired water volume level.
  1. Place the lid on the top of the cooler.
  2. The tap can be moved forward to dispense water or can be pushed back and locked intoopen position. Watch it carefully though as the flow is fast.
  3. Note that the water levels in the inner and outer tanks should come together but maynot entirely due to different water pressures.
  4. Note that the inner tank holds unfiltered water while the outer tank holds filteredwater.
  5. Plug the power cord into the power supply and switch the power switch to the onposition.
  6. The LED light will show the starting water temperature.
  7. The cooler is set to a default temperature of 45 °F.
  8. You can leave it at 45 °F or use the +/- buttons to set to any temperature between 40 °Fand 65 °F.
  9. As a guide and depending upon the ambient temperature, it will come down to around50 °F in around one hour when you first switch the cooler on.
  10. When the temperature reaches its target temperature the cooling fan shuts off and thecooler will function with virtual silence. The led light will show the temperature.

Changing the filter


Depending upon the quality of the water you are filtering, our filters are recommended to last for 100-120 gallons. The capacity of the cooler is 2.9 gallons. As a guide you should be able to refill about 40 times before replacing your filter. We recommend depending on your family size and consumption levels to replace your filter every 2-3 months.


Classic Indoor Series White Filter Image


  1. Remove the top lid.
  2. Gently lift the inner tank with the old filter in place, out of the outer tank.
  3. Note that there may be a little bit of water dripping.
  4. Remove and recycle the old filter.
  5. Remove the new replacement filter from all of its packaging.
  6. Ensure that the rubber band around the filter is securely fitted.
  7. Rinse the filter by shaking it gently under a running tap for about 30 seconds.
  8. Insert the filter into the inner tank. Gently push down making sure that it is securelyfitted around the circumference.
  9. Replace the inner tank, inserting it inside the outer tank.
  10. Fill with water and replace the top lid.
  1. It is recommend that you dispense most of the water through the tap, pouring it into a pitcher.
  2. Once it is light enough to move the cooler, move it over a sink, remove the drain plug which will be found underneath the bottom of the cooler.
  3. Allow all the water to run out through the drain plug.
  1. Make sure you replace the plug once it is fully drained or you will have a big spill onceyou fill the cooler again. Each cooler comes with a spare drain plug which you shouldkeep in a secure pace.
  2. There may be a little water left in the inner tank which you can simply pour out.
  3. We advise against turning the cooler over to drain it from the top.